Welcome to the wonderful world of Living Thing

I started Living Thing as a way to tip the scale in the direction of a positive future, both for myself and hopefully for you as you invite our products into your home. I create each scent based on a story — whether that's a place I've been, a scenario I've imagined, or a feeling I'm trying to capture. While these are very personal to me, I love that they will become part of your story in a way I could have never predicted. I’m not here to pretend that lighting a candle is going to solve all of the world’s problems, but I hope that the things we make can help you carve out space for yourself to recharge and take on the world.

There’s a lot of bad stuff out there, but you can rest assured that every candle we make is free of nasty things like petroleum and toxic chemicals that are unfortunately all too common. That’s why everything we do leads back to our three main goals:

Make products that elevate the everyday.
Lighting a candle can be a transformative experience — it sets the tone for how you're about to spend your time, whether that's getting in the zone to knock out important work, taking some time to press pause and decompress, or gathering among friends in a magical setting. We only use clean ingredients so you can feel good about burning our candles in your home or giving as gifts. We love how our minimalist design compliments any room — we hope you do too.

Make sustainable choices.
There are a lot of ways to cut corners in candle making that can ultimately lead to unhealthy air for customers and unhealthy impacts on the environment. We pour each candle by hand in small batches to ensure we're not overproducing things we won't sell or creating waste from products not up to our standards. We use all-natural wax that is made of coconut fortified with soy wax, scented with oils that are always phalate-free. We never use plastic in our packaging, including in our shipping materials.

Be the change we wish to see in business.
Did the world really need another candle company? Honestly, maybe not. Does the world need more ethical, women-owned businesses? You bet. We don't think running a business or supporting a business are passive activities — it's an opportunity to vote for the world you want to live in with your dollars. Living Thing was born out of an understanding that sometimes entrepreneurship doesn't mean having the most innovative idea on the block but rather from becoming a master of a time-honored craft and sharing that with the world in sustainable way. We're proud to offer a high-quality, clean-burning, cruelty-free option alongside fellow like-minded indie brands we love.

Thanks for being here!
— Dana, Founder